Autotelic Studios

Autotelic Studios

Autotelic Studios is a nonprofit arts organization that creates alternative workspace for artists in Chicago.

Autotelic is dedicated to creating affordable, alternative workspaces for artists in a community-centric environment. Our studio facilitates opportunities and serves as an advocate for active makers in Logan Square, Avondale and Humboldt Park, Chicago.

Studios & Facilities

Need a Studio?  As of July 2015, Autotelic has three studio locations spanning either side of Logan Square. If you're in need of workspace, we want to hear from you! Because of the demand for studios, we're asking that all interested artists send us a letter of inquiry that introduces you and your work, gives us info about your needs, and gauges your interest in the various facets of our studio community. Letters of inquiry are reviewed by a committee of studio artists and staff on a rolling basis. Learn more about how to send a LOI to our artist selection committee here.

Need Wood Shop Access?  If you already have a studio but need access to tools and shop facilities, look no further! Autotelic offers Access Memberships to local artists that need to use shop equipment to create their work safely and efficiently. Access Memberships come with training on various tools and equipment, project consultation, free workshops + more. Learn more about our shop facilities, check out Access Membership rates, or reach out to our Shop Manager Ali at with questions. 


Pay It Forward 2013

Annual Fundraisers  In the spirit of community and creativity, our fundraisers are always collaborative and always different. There's nothing we hate more than your run-of-the-mill "fundraiser-y fundraiser," so you can support our efforts in a meaningful and exciting way. In 2013, we teamed up with the archiving rockstars at Sixty Inches From Center to produce Pay It Forward, a dual birthday bash and share-the-wealth fundraiser that benefited eight small nonprofit projects working in the Chicago area. In 2014, we tore up the dance floor at the Chicago Art Department with Sixty and The Perch for Prom Night, a Prom-themed Valentine's Day dance--no teens allowed.

Satellite Events  We are always looking for opportunities to connect the artists with other organizations. We consistently participate in community events such as 2nd Floor Rear Festival, Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, and Logan Square Night Market. If you ever see us around, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!

Neighborhood  Our neighbors are always invited to our public events! Our exhibition receptions, open studios and artist talks are always free and open to the public. Check the Events page or join our mailing list for updates on events, calls for art and workshops.

Artist Forums  Every first Sunday of the month, the Autotelic artists get together for an informal community meeting to discuss current happenings in the studio, propose new studio projects and ignite informal critiques for works-in-progress. These meetings are not open to the public, but artists are allowed to bring guests, so you may have to buddy up with someone already working in the space to get invited to the hang outs.

Teaching & Learning

Apprenticeships   A few of the artists working at Autotelic have offered to donate some of their time to mentor young artists that are interested in seeing what a working studio practice looks like. Autotelic began as a safe space for newly graduated BA's and BFA's, so we think its important to continue this aspect of our organization by offering mentorship, community, workspace, training and project consultation to young artists free of charge. We figure these artists have already paid their debt and dues to institutionalized education, so if you're a young artist just exiting an educational institution, and you are in need of a supportive creative community, hit us up. Learn more about apprenticeships.

Workshops   Autotelic frequently hosts workshops taught by both studio artists and artists working in the community. Access Members and studio artists get access to monthly shop classes, but we'll also occasionally host events that don't require shop authorization, such as leather-working, casting or jewelry-making, all of which are open to the public. To find out what events and workshops we have coming up, check out our Events page and subscribe to our newsletter.

Want to Teach a Workshop?  The artists working at Autotelic Studios vary in discipline, medium and interest, and they all have something to share. Occasionally, the artists will offer their time, patience and expertise and host a workshop that's open to the public for a small fee (generally ranging from $10-65, discounted for studio artists and Access members). However, we also accept proposals from outside artists to teach classes and workshops to be hosted on location, so if you are interested in sharing your skills and expertise, see our proposal guidelines at the link below.  

Screen Printing Workshop

Past workshops include:

6/18/14 Intro to Life Casting - Chris Guarino of Custom Life Casting

3/29/2011 Yoga - Grace O'Brien

3/13/2011 Physical Comedy - Jesse Kegan, Alexander Knapp

3/27/2011 Figure Drawing - Andi Crist

3/6 + 2/27/2011 Screen Printing - Nick Ernst

2/13/2011 Knitting - Lindsay Faber

1/22/2011 Bookmaking - Maura Walsh


When we can afford it, we like to support artists that can't.

Danielle Chenette's studio

Autotelic is a nonprofit studio, and it's part of our mission to make studios affordable to emerging artists that need them. Even though we try to make our spaces as inexpensive as possible, there are still artists out there that desperately need space and just can't afford it. Trust us, we understand.

When funding is available through grants, fundraising or private donations, we offer a residency program that supports a single artist for a period of 3-4 months, rent-free. In special circumstances we can offer a stipend for supplies, materials and other practice-related expenses for our resident artist. During their stint as Autotelic's resident artist, they're treated like part of the group with a couple of extra perks. At the end of their residency, the artist is offered an exhibition opportunity at a partner venue, fully produced and coordinated by Autotelic (includes marketing, promotional materials, exhibition support, etc.).

Applications for the Autotelic Residency are only accepted when funds and space are available to support the program, so check back in the future for an announcement! We'll provide full details and guidelines right here on the site.

Our 2012 Artist-in-Residence was Danielle Chenette.


Want to install a window display at our studio?

Rafael E. Vera 
Untitled (Connected; Sometimes) 
May 2014

We think community is a huge part of having fruitful, sustainable relationships with other artists. We want to give Chicago artists the opportunities they need to grow, experiment with their work, and engage our community. So, we'd like to invite you to put your work up in our storefront and get to know the artists working inside. Any 18+ artist working in the Chicago area that is not currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program is eligible to submit.

To submit a proposal, email the following information as a single PDF to with “Exhibition  Proposal:    (your name)   " in the subject line. Please be aware that submitted texts may be used in conjunction with your installation for display and promotional materials, if accepted.

Please include all of the following information in your proposal:

1) Your name, address, phone number, email address, and a link to your website.

2) 100-200 word artist bio

3) An artist statement about your work in general, or the installation specifically. Less than 500 words, please.

4) A one-page description of the proposed project that outlines your intentions and a specific plan for installation.

5) 3-5 mock-up images that demonstrate or represent your proposed project for the window display. Images must be in .JPG format, 72 dpi. No larger than 1200 x 1200 pixels.

6) Exhibition budget, including in-kind expenses, materials and services.

Autotelic Gallery 2959 N. Springfield Ave. circa 2011

Autotelic Gallery 2959 N. Springfield Ave. circa 2011

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