Autotelic Studios

Autotelic Studios

Autotelic Studios is a nonprofit arts organization that creates alternative workspace for artists in Chicago.


Use Our Facilities with an Access Membership

Artists that require designated space, need regular access to shop facilities, and/or seek involvement in studio programs, may find that a studio best serves their needs. However, if you already have a studio and only require access to shop facilities for occasional use, an Access Membership may be what you're looking for.

Access Members pay for a bundled Access Package and an authorization fee to utilize Autotelic's shop facilities. Access Members must first pass an authorization session with the Shop Manager to use any tools or equipment in Autotelic's shop facilities. This training ensures that all artists using the shop facilities are qualified to safely use tools and equipment on-site. Authorization courses are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and can be repeated throughout the year to achieve the confidence to safely and effectively pursue creative projects with ease. Authorizations must be renewed annual to reevaluate safety standards. Artists must register in advance by contacting our Shop Manager Ali at

It is important to note that Access Members do not have designated studio spaces on site and may only use Shop Facilities during open shop hours, Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-6pm.

Access Members also receive:

  • Invitations to VIP and Members-only events
  • Discounts on merchandise and ticketed events
  • One edition of FLOW, Autotelic's quarterly zine
  • A limited edition screen print

Authorization fees are non-refundable. Funds from Access Memberships directly fund shop maintenance, supplies and essential infrastructure.

Support Our Mission with a Patron Membership

There are a variety of ways for artists and community members to get involved in Autotelic, and we depend heavily on support from our city and neighbors to put our mission in action and make an impact. If you'd like to directly support our artists and programs, plus get invitations to special events and workshops, you would make a perfect Patron Member.

Patron Memberships directly support our teaching artist stipends and apprenticeship programs by allowing us to pay the talented folks that lead our monthly workshops, provide stipends to mentor artists, as well as offer project budgets to apprentices. If that's not supporting the arts, well, we're not sure what is. If you've always wanted to be a patron of the arts, here's your chance!

Patron Members also receive:

  • Thank You packet
  • Discounts on merchandise, ticketed events and workshops
  • VIP invitations to Members-only events
  • 1-year subscription to FLOW, Autotelic's quarterly artist-made zine
  • A limited edition screen print

Patron Memberships are $75 for one year.


Support Our Cause

If you simply dig what we're doing and want to help us make our magic, consider making a tax-deductible donation to AUTOTELIC NFP. We accept donations online via the link below, or you can drop us a check. No matter which way, you can be sure your contribution is making an impact in the areas we need it most--everything from salaries to toilet paper--and we are so, so grateful for every bit of your support!


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