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Autotelic Studios is a nonprofit arts organization that creates alternative workspace for artists in Chicago.

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Opening Reception for Music from the Hospital Gift Shop by Allen Moore

  • Autotelic Studios 1856 N. Richmond St. Chicago, IL 60647 (map)

Drop by Autotelic 1856 N. Richmond and check out Moore's installation. Light refreshments will be served.

Allen Moore was born and raised in Robbins, IL and currently resides in Chicago IL. Allen graduated with a Masters of Art in Painting from Governor’s State University in 2012, and is finishing a Masters of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in Spring 2016.

“As a child (and still as an adult), my life was often nestled in uncertainty. Dealing with both racial and economical issues and a non-present father. I began my artistic journey through a unique chain of devastating events, heavily depending on the kindness of family both close and extended.” 

As a Black American male born and raised in Robbins IL, Allen’s body of work converses with the signifiers of African American and popular culture. Bringing to view the underlying themes of our social and economical experiences. Allen Moore’s art is a psychological, sociological, and aural narration of the interdependence of symbols and institutions nestled in capitalism. The work is influenced heavily by modern science and science fiction, making parallels with the artists’ own biographical narrative while contemplating the innumerable vastness of Space and Time. The subjects exist in an environment on the fringe of order and disorder and are then stripped down to an elemental form. The conception is an attempt to deconstruct and reassemble the subjects/symbols, making sense of the discourse and portraying them with elegance and volume through the formal principals rhythm, repetition and relativity.  

At present, the uses of materials are continually evolving. Integrated into a history of process ranging from the formal elements of Painting, Design, Sound Art and Sculpture. Formally, the use of graphite is the relative thread as a representation of Carbon. I employ traditional 2-D with 3-D substrates, whose surface is gradually manipulated carefully engineered. The art is a device of introspection, a way of adapting to the artists’ ecology and using his practice as a coping mechanism whilst exploring the inner and outer space of the underrepresented.

Later Event: June 11
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